Academic Curriculum

At Misk Schools, we fit the curriculum to the child rather than the reverse. We believe strongly in the power of personalized, experiential learning as a way of ensuring each child’s educational journey is optimized.

Our teaching and learning methodology is inquiry-based, modelled on global best practice and grounded in real world scenarios. We are a fully accredited Cambridge International School. Our students develop their writing skills, develop numeracy, and learn about the worlds of art, technology and science, but they do so by tackling complex problems that require innovative solutions. By exploring questions such as, “How do we design a transportation system that is both beautiful and efficient?” or “How can we prepare meals that are both nutritious and bring together the community?”, students understand that it takes collaboration, creativity and multiple perspectives to find solutions to life’s challenges.

As the school matures, so too will our curriculum. 

Following extensive research and analysis, we have commenced on a ground-breaking journey to evolve a bespoke Misk Curriculum, designed to meet our specific needs and aspirations while also securing accreditation from universities worldwide.

Our partners in this exciting project are some of the most advanced curriculum designers in education today. Together, we are building a new, modern curriculum that will deliver contextualized, whole child development, empowering and supporting students as they build the skills they need to follow the pathway of their choice. This development is taking place in parallel with our existing curriculum in a phased approach. We will be in a position to share more detail on the partnership and the design process in the near future.

The first phase has seen us create the Misk Middle Years Diploma, a bold new curriculum for students aged 14 to 16 years that focuses on four key areas of learning: Academic Studies, National Identity, Leadership and Internship.

The second phase will deliver an authentic and cutting-edge curriculum for students’ final two pre-university years (aged 16 to 18 years). We will be in a position to share more detail in the near future.

Our educational philosophy for all aspects of our curriculum structure and delivery remains constant as reflected in our Seven Pillars of Pedagogy.