Adult Learning Center

As part of our strategy to build a strong community and make Misk Schools a bilingual community, our Adult Learning Center (ALC) works closely with both parents and staff members of Misk Schools to help build and advance their English Language skills. The ALC creates a friendly environment where staff and parents can engage in the following; 

  • – General English language courses
  • – Academic English
  • – Personalized one to one classes
  • – Conversation club

All English courses are at no cost, and registration is ongoing for all our existing and new parents. If you would like to join our courses and develop your English language skills please contact us:  

[email protected] [email protected]


لقد استفدت الكثير بعد انضمامي لدوراتكم التعليمية واكتبست ثقة أكبر في الحديث. أشكر المعلمة عايشه على جهودها وأنا متحمسة لتعلم اللغة عن طريقكم لما وجدت من مرونة مع الكثير من الحرص والاهتمام. شكرًا جزيلًا

جوزة عبد اللطيف (ولية أمر)

The course was wonderful and I personally benefited from it. I would take this opportunity to thank Misk Schools for letting me participate. Moreover, special thanks to teacher Asha for your support and extraordinary efforts to make this happen.

Nourah Abdullah (parent)

The class has improved my ability to read and write in English. It has also helped me to communicate more fluently with others using the English language, especially with my son’s teachers at Misk Schools. I have gained new listening and speaking skills. 

Manal Al Askar (parent)