Digital Literacy

The focus of our Digital Literacy program does not lie in which particular technologies our students are using. Rather it concentrates on how students are using digital resources; and how this reinforces our values and our educational philosophy. 

Technology at Misk Schools is leveraged to cultivate creativity and a maker-centric learning environment.

Children construct knowledge more effectively when they are makers of things. The projects we foster in the classroom allow students to become authors, video editors, camera operators, music composers, programmers, app designers and more. Digital technology allows the completion of tasks otherwise impossible to achieve, helping students to make their thinking visible.

It changes the role of users, transforming them from consumers of information to producers and broadcasters of digital content. This is the most important reason we all need to learn and develop the skills, attitudes and aptitudes to be digitally fluent.

Our digital resources and methods support active learning, promote collaboration and fundamentally change instruction. Instead of teaching technology as a separate subject, it is integrated into how the curriculum is accessed and delivered. Students are encouraged to produce digital content, use interactive devices and plan and track their own learning processes.

Facilitating Personalization

Digital technology shifts the learning process from teacher-centered to student-centered. 

We strive to give each child an education personalized to them as individuals. Technology is now able to transform the processes of teaching and learning for the better, allowing students to work towards their own personalized goals at a pace that suits their unique strengths, weaknesses and behaviors. Meanwhile, teachers are given the data and tools they need to perform even better as educators.

One of the tools we are using to support differentiated learning and improve teaching is CENTURY, the award-winning intelligent intervention tool that uses artificially intelligent (AI) technology to provide students with individually-tailored paths to mastery in Mathematics, Science and English.

“Traditional education systems often use tests to assess a student’s understanding of a subject – in other terms, whether or not they are learning. But a test doesn’t tell you anything about a student’s learning behavior. What if you guess in giving your answers? What if you hesitate? Technology can understand very quickly learning behaviors that can take humans months or years to figure out.”

Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder CEO, CENTURY

CENTURY’s AI powered-algorithms learn how and at what pace each student learns. The platform constantly calculates strengths and weaknesses, identifies and remedies foundational knowledge gaps and adapts to ensure progress is being made. It provides teachers with an interactive dashboard that shares rich analytical data in real time allowing them to see where they can best target their support – emotionally as well as academically.