Misk Curriculum

Misk Schools is a community actively dedicated to the acquisition and application of knowledge, insight and understanding. We honor every student and their unique dispositions, styles and attributes as learners. 

A Misk education is holistic, embracing much more than just knowledge acquisition. Alongside the rigor of their academic timetable, all our students take part in an extensive Co-Curricular Activities Program which offers an array of sporting, artistic, science and technology-based choices. Student health and happiness is a key focus for us as evidenced by our carefully constructed and managed approach to Wellbeing. And finally, everything we do is infused with technology ensuring high levels of Digital Literacy and supporting our goal to create a maker-centric school culture.

Saudi Identity subjects form an essential part of our educational program. They contribute to the achievement of the educational policy of KSA by strengthening the Islamic faith in the hearts of students, ensuring their mastery of their mother tongue, informing them of their rich history and linking them to their culture, instilling Saudi national identity in their hearts, and promoting local as well as international citizenship values in them so they become aware of who they are as Saudis and as global citizens.

The school has its own Saudi Identity subjects’ curriculum, which includes Islamic education, Arabic language and social studies (history-geography-national education).