Vision, Mission & Values

Vision: Our vision is to engage and empower students to chart their own unique paths in serving and leading society by becoming creative innovators Mission: Our mission is to enable each and every one of our students to reach their fullest potential and achieve at the highest levels. We do this through:
  • A learning environment that fosters innovation and inspires creativity.
  • Personalized learning pathways tailored to the needs, aspirations and talents of each student.
  • Real-world experiential learning that helps our students to learn through an extensive range of project- and field-based experiences, enabling them to understand the relevance of their learning to the world beyond the classroom.
  • Holistic development of each student, encompassing their spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical lives.
Core Values: We are a united community at Misk Schools. A place where we believe, practice and live by our four core values.
  • Learning 
We’re a community of learners: students and teachers actively dedicated to the acquisition and application of knowledge, insight and understanding. We honor every student and their unique dispositions, styles and attributes as learners. We nurture in them a lifelong passion to become rigorous, original thinkers who embrace inquiry and experimentation on their journey towards discovery and mastery.
  • Respect
The foundation of community life is built on a bedrock of respect for individual and collective responsibility. We are a school that breeds civility, goodness and a profound regard for humanity and the dignity of every individual. A true education is one that cultivates generosity, caring and compassion.
  • Collaboration
We are an interdependent community – our effectiveness is based on our capacity to share, delegate, cooperate and work together across all areas of school life.
  • Global Mindedness
We’re proudly rooted in Saudi values and heritage, but we also embrace multiple perspectives, appreciate and respect cultural differences and practice broadmindedness. We believe this disposition is essential for our students to flourish as leaders and innovators at national and world levels.